Top 10 Best Places to Visit in UAE 2018

6. Emirates National Auto Museum:Emirates National Auto Museum

National Auto Museum is the amazing must visited place in the United Arab Emirates. The owner of the museum is H.H Sheikh Hamad BinHamdam. There are found more than two hundred exhibition items in Auto Museum. To know more about National Auto Museum please visit the official website of Museum.

7. Amusement Park:Amusement Park

There are many amusement places in UAU but amusement park is one of them. Many entertainment places are in amusement such as flat rides, roller coasters, train, water, dark ferris and transport. Moreover one of the great points in amusement park is educational theme park which attracts many tourists across the world.

8. Dubai Mall:Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping point in the world which is located at downtown Dubai, UAE. The area of Dubai is mall is 1300 million sq which is a record area for an shopping mall in the world. The construction of Dubai mall was interrupted two times due to some reasons but finally it was opened for public on 4th of November 2008. The statistical says that around 750,000 people visits the mall every week and more than 52 million tourists visited the Dubai Mall in 2009. There are many entertainment places in the mall such as Under Water Zoo, SEGA Republic, Reel Cinema, and every kind of shops. You will enjoy a lot to visit the world largest shopping mall.

9. Dubai World Trade Center:Dubai World Trade Center

Dubai World Trade Centre is another famous and popular place in UAE which was opened for public in year of 2007. The height of Dubai world trade Centre is 149 meters. There are many business and other offices are being found in the said place. The architect work of Dubai World Trade Centre is the beautiful art of humans as the design of building is spectacular therefore if you have chance to visit UAE than this place you be visited.

10. Al Ain Zoo:Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo is the ranked 10 in the list of top ten best places to visit in UAE. It is family visited place in UAE especially kids enjoy in Al Ain Zoo because there are many different kinds of animals are kept here which attract the every person in the Ain Zoo. It was first opened for public in 1969.

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