Top 10 Must have Plugins for WordPress 2018

Today we are going to share with you about top 10 best plugins for wordpress 2016. WordPress is a free of cost and openly sources software which was designed to facilitate the bloggers, also known as Content Management System (CMS). It is based on PHP and MySQL that runs on a website hosting services. It was first time launched on 17th of May 2003 and founded by the Matt Mullenweb and Mike Little as well. With the passage of time changing has been made but this time it is available in new and fully furnished version. As per stats more than 20 million users have been downloaded since its creation. CMS the portion of wordpress provides assistant to the users to manage and update their websites as they want to. See here Top ten SEO Tips and Tricks for Bloggers.

Amazingly wordpress is the platform provides you the opportunities to handle all the work relating to your website easily such as edit, content, modify and delete unnecessary material on you site. If you are going to plan a website then there is no alternative to platform like wordpress because you will not find such kind of reliable and beneficial software. Well everyone knows the importance of plugins in the wordpress which are considered importance for making website top ranked. There are many wordpress plugins available online for different kind of purposes but today our purpose to write this article is to provide you the Top 10 Best Plugins for WordPress 2014.

1. Akismet For Spam Comments:

It is the really essential plugin which was designed to protect you your site from spam comments. To a well-known website you may receive many spam comments daily which result to slow the speed of your website thus it is very much possible visitor wan’t visit your website due to low speed. The Akismet plugin usually installed by default when you install wordpress but all you have do to activate the plugin thus you can protect your website from spam comments. The important thing is that you might not have to delete spam comment one by one because all the comments can be deleted just pushing one button. You will have to activate the plugin from official website of Akismet after verification.

2. Backup WordPress:

WordPress is the powerful and secured platform for websites. You made so many changes and upload different kind of data relating to your site. All the work done and contents uploaded by you is being saved in wordpress but whenever hackers attack on you site you may lost all material of you site. Many of people disappointed so they are recommended to install the Backup wordpress plugin. You can find easily the plugin as you just need to type “Backup” in search bar and install it. It automatically saves all the material of your website and if any problem occurs you can restore data saved by backup plugin.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast:

WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Yoast is very much important plugin which is used by the millions of successful bloggers regularly. The wordpress SEO by Yoast is responsible to all SEO task for wordpress. This plugin automatically sets meta tags, discreptions for every page of your site including single post. Moreover this plugin index all your material in the post such as content, images titles, meta descriptions and as well as XML Sitemap.  So if you have installed the mentioned plugin then it is strongly recommended to install this plugin because it enhance the performance of your website thus you will earn more than you are earning now.

4. Facebook Popup Like Box:

If you want to increase your Facebook fans of your website then there is no alternative of Facebook Popup Like Box. It increases your website/blog fans and members dramatically because whenever a visitor comes to your site a popup windows appears which asks the visitor to like page of your website. This is really healthy plugin especially for website and blogs who has less likes. More Facebook fans mean more traffic on your site so hurry up don’t waste time and get install “Facebook Popup Like Box”.

5. Chap Secure Login for Security Purpose:

The Chap Secure Login is generally referred for the purpose of securities. There are many online elements who steal your wordpress login details during the process of login to your admin account. The stats says the most of the websites of wordpress hacked using the procedure of catching the password so it is must install plugin because during the process of login you admin account of WP it hides the details thus it will be much difficult for hackers to hack website.

6. Google XML Sitemap for Videos:

Google XML sitemap is the best plugin if you have video based material on your website. For video sharing website you embed video from youtube or other video website then this plugin make much easier to run video smoothly and fast on your site/ blog. So it is strongly recommended to the said plugin for video sharing website.

7. Replace WordPress Version:

This is another important plugin for wordpress users because what it does? It replaces the original version to another version at backend. Whenever a hacker(s) wants to attack your wordpress website he always looks for WP version you have installed then he would be able to find mistakes made by you and finally he attacks on site. But if you have installed Replace WP Version plugin then your original version would be hidden from the eyes of hackers so the chances of hacking a website will be equal to “0”.

8. Robots Meta Plugin:

If you want that you website keep making money with adsense or other companies smoothly than the you should have installed Robots Meta plugin because it helps to stop creation of duplicate contents on your website and blog. Moreover with the use of specific plugin you can utilize the functions such as no-index, no-follow any kind of material on your website in form of tags, archives and as well as categories.

9. W3 Total Cache:

It is very important plugin that enhance the performance of your website because with W3 Total cache your website/blog will be browsing fast and smoothly. When a website fills with contents, plugins and other material than there are possibilities your site might take some time to load and in the process the visitor look for another site and if you have installed and configure properly the W3 Total Cache plugin the speed of your website will be increase to 30 to 40% and it will definitely help to generate more and more traffic and as well as revenue.

10. Google XML Sitemap:

Google XML sitemap is the 10th most important plugin every WP users must install because everything found on your wordpress website will be sent to all popular search engines automatically. If you have installed this program you don’t need to create and submit sitemap because it will be the duty of Google XML sitemap.

I would like to tell you that this is really important post for wordpress users so it is suggested that to share this post more and more on social sites and with your friends who are connected with this field. Moreover if you have any kind of question regarding WP plugins than don’t hesitate to ask in comments we will try to guide you as much as possible.


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