Top 10 Engineering Universities in UK 2018

In this article we are brought top 10 Best Engineering Universities in United Kingdom (UK). Importance of education in the United Kingdom is always a hot topic for many years. United Kingdom is one of the most important place in the world as concerned to education. UK is place in the world where quality education is being given therefore it is the reason that hundreds of student throughout the world travel to UK for the study purposes. UK has managed to have some world ranking educational institutions in the global village. The Top 10 Engineering Universities are discussed below in detail so that students can get admission in the standard universities in the UK: 

Top 10 Engineering Universities in UK

1. University of Cambridge:
University of Cambridge is the leading educational institution in the United Kingdom. University of Cambridge has long history as it was established in 1209 and it is the largest university in the UK as concerned to area. It is situated at Old School, Trinity Ln, Cambridge CB21TN, England. There are about 6000 academic, 3200 Admin staff is servicing the University and students. Around 37,000 students get education in different departments from all over the world every year. University of Cambridge provides undergraduate, Graduate and as well Post Graduate Program in the following field:-

  • Technology.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Arts and Humanities.
  • Clinical Medicine.
  • Physical Sciences.
  • Biological Sciences.
  • Mathematical.

2. University of Oxford:
University of Oxford is the second largest and famous University of UK. According to unconfirmed date Oxford University was being established in way back in history at 1096. It is located at Oxford, United Kingdom. There was no proper education system before in this university but in 1875 the undergraduate level program was started for promoting woman’s education. There is a huge library in Oxford University where thousands of students gain knowledge daily. Around 42 thousands students from all around the world enroll in the oxford university every year. Some highly populated personalities from the whole of the world have been studying in the Oxford University.  The official website of Oxford University is The ratio of successful candidate is near to 88%.

 3. Imperial College of London:
Imperial College of London is the third most popular education institution in the United Kingdom which was established at the start of 19th century on 8th of July 1907. The motto of Imperial College of London is “Knowledge is the adornment & Protection of the Empire”. There are plenty of campuses are being found in the London and as well as in South East and most important thing is that all the campuses are fully furnished. Imperial college of London offer many graduate and undergraduate programs every year. According the year of 2011 it was said that approximately 7000 admin staff is working in this university and about 14000 students get knowledge every year.

4. University of Bristol UK:
University of Bristol is placed 4th according the University of Bristol was created in 1876 and has been amongst the top 30 educational institution in the world. There are 5800 admin staffs in the University of Bristol and quality education is given to almost 18000 undergraduate and as well as graduate students every year.  Many programs including short courses are being offered in the University of Bristol. Numerous international students attract this quality educational institution in the United Kingdom.

5. University of Southampton:
University of Southampton is being found in Southampton, UK which is also known as British Public University. University of Southampton was established in 1952. According to us the 5th ranked in the educational institutions in the UK. It is also the place of international student community because many foreign students love to study in the University of Southampton. It has some international campuses in the world. Study of undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and professional courses are provided in the University of Southampton.

6. University of St Andrews:
University of St Andrews was established in 1410 and also known as the Public Research University. University of St Andrews is located at College Gate, North St, St Andrews, Fire KY16 9AJ, United Kingdom. It has very old history and with the passage of time it was been getting developed. There are several courses are offered in the University of St Andrews.

7. University of Manchester:
University of Manchester is also one of the great education institution in the UK. University of Manchester was recently formed in 2004 but the educational standard of University of Manchester is so good therefore it is the reason it has placed at 7th accordance to us. University of Manchester provides education about 40000 students every year.

8. University College of London:
University College of London which is also known as UCL was established in 1826. University College of London is referred to Public Research in London. It has a large number of working staff of almost 12000. There are several campuses are also opened for making easy to the students. Different kinds of programs are being offered here alongwith Foundations programs.

9. University of Edinburgh:
University of Edinburgh has also very long history as it was being established in 1583. University of Edinburgh has 17th Ranked in the world in 2013. It is placed at 9th due to providing standard education in the UK. University of Edinburgh is located at Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

10. University of Leeds:
University of Leeds is the 10th popular education institution in the UK and this institution was established in 1904. University of Leeds has over thirty thousand students and the staff is about eight thousands. Engineering, Business, Environmental, Medicine and Biological education is offered here.

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