Top 10 Habits that can Damage Your Brain 2018

Human brain has so much prominence and considered important part of human body. People are addicted to adopt many unnecessary habits in daily life and some time these habits can cause them. It has been said that human brain works as computer. It has been proven that unnecessary burden on brain or unnecessary habits can damage your brain therefore keeping in view we have brought top 10 habits that can damage your brain. It is strongly recommended that if you want to live happy  and healthy you must avoid habits that we are going to share with you as under:-

1. Starting of Day without Breakfast:

It has been seen that most of people especially working and student ones don’t take breakfast at the start of day and permanently adopting the habit of not taking breakfast in morning can be really harmful to your health and Top 10 Daily Habits that can Damage Your Brainespecially for your brain. The research says that the people who don’t take breakfast in morning their blood sugar found low and lower blood sugar can create brain problems, therefore try to take breakfast must in morning.

2. Excess Eating:

Some people have the habit of extra eating as they are find to eat something always but they should know that extra or excess eating can damage your brain. The power of brain can be decreased for eating extra. A balanced meal can be helpful to remain you healthy and away from diseases.

3. Fast Food:

It is modern day we even don’t try to cook meals at home instead of this we have been found to eat more fast food in our daily life such as pizza, burger etc. Fast food items have less nutrition and thus using of fast food can slow down the growth and brain can be damaged.

4. Addiction of Smoking:

Smoking is really harmful not only your brain but also the other parts of body such as lungs. The excess smoking can be caused of shrinkage of the cells and cells in brain damage so it is expected that you might have to face many diseases.

5. Improper Sleep:

Deprivation in sleep is another thing that can create many problems for your brain. You work all the day and night without taking proper rest and sleep which is actually not good for your health. It has been seen that people during the period of illness also find to work and that time your brain needs rest so doing this can surely harmful to your brain.

6. Don’t Cover Your Head During Sleep:Top 10 Habits that can Damage Your Brain

Your brain needs proper oxygen every time and especially when you are sleeping. People have been seen that they sleep with covered head with some cloth or cap etc. They are advised not to cover your head during sleeping time because this can decrease oxygen and increase carbon dioxide.

7. Less Talking:

Many of us have the habit to keep silent during work or even in homes and this not good at all to your health because when you speak your brain cells exercise and if you don’t have conversation with your office mates of family that can be dangerous for your brain and health.

8. High Sugar Level:

Too much eating of sweet dishes can lead to high sugar in blood and your brain need nutrition and proteins for proper work therefore you should avoid excess use of sweet items.

9. Excess use of Computer:

Computers now been found everywhere in these days such as working places and homes. We often don’t care to using computers without giving some rests to eyes thus excess use of computers can make burden on your eyes and brain.

10. Study During ill:

It is strongly recommended that if you feeling not good about your health then you must take rest instead of studying. Studying during the period of illness can make some critical brain problems therefore avoid it.

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