Top 3 Beaches in World According To CNN News

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is Fist Beautiful Beach in the World

The beach of Grand Anse situated at Island of Cache less America is declared the world best beach. According to list of CNN news channel Grand Anse has been declared the best beach in the world due to lovely sweep of white sand and its water colour is blue which give the great view. There is a beautiful hotel at beach which facilitates the tourists.

Rabbit Beach

Second Beautiful Beach of the World

It is said in report that the second beautiful beach of the world is Rabbit Beach which is found in Lampedusa, Italy. The main attraction of this beach is due to its turquoise water and the sand of beach is white. A large number of people around the world come here especially in the season of summer but the problem is that there is small accommodations area in this beach.

Grease Beach

Grease Beach Third Beautiful beach of the World

Grease Beach has 3rd rank in the world. This beach is situated in Turkey. Grease Beach is famous due to Grease Burger. This burger is full of taste therefore any tourist comes here don’t forget to eat it.

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