Top 5 Social Networking Sites

This webpage has brought information regarding top 5 Social Networking websites in the world. In the past social media was meant by Television but due to the advancement of information technology social networking sites have been developed therefore people of today are called socialist. It has been seen that social websites are helping people to remain in contact. Smart phones have made much easier to use social websites in every corner of world. Social sites are more popular in teenage in the world as they share their views, pictures, videos, documents etc. There are many social websites has been created but we have discussed top 5 Social Networking websites below:-

Facebook Top Social Website:

Facebook Top Social Website

If we talk about social networking site, Facebook attracts our attention at once, many other social networking websites have been developed but there is no competitor to Facebook yet, therefore Facebook is the top social website in the world of internet. Facebook was founded in the year of 2004 by the Mark Zuckerberg alongwith his roommates namely as Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovits and Chris Hughes and these all were the student of Harvard University. The earlier name of Facebook was Facemash but the final name of website was kept as Facebook. There are about 100,000 business pages of Facebook and the users of Facebook are in millions across the world. Millions of users visit Facebook daily to share their views, pictures and as well videos. According to Alexa Facebook is the second website in the world if we talk about visitors and revenue. The one day earning of Facebook is around about 1,700,000 Dollars. The head office of Facebook is located in Menlo Park, California, America and there are many sub offices founded in different areas of world. If you want to have fun in your life you must enjoy Facebook by clicking here

Twitter Second Top Social Website:

Twitter Second Top Social Website

Twitter is the second most favorite and popular social website on internet. Twitter has 11th rank globally. Twitter is different site as compare to Facebook. Twitter was found in the month of March 2006. It is another social website which was invented by the students. The main creator of Twitter was Jack Dorsey who was then undergraduate student in the University of New York. Twitter is text based website where you can tweets your opinions and as well as views. Accordingly the estimated earning of Twitter is 300000 Dollars daily and the worth of this social website is around 225 million US Dollars. Twitter is a website which is being used by the most popular personalities around the world. To enjoy on Twitter which is second most favorite social site amongst the people visit

LinkedIn 3rd Top Social Website:

LinkedIn 3rd Top Social Website

According to statistical LinkedIn has 3rd top position in the world of social websites. LinkedIn is the social website especially for professionals and career seeking because jobs information for professional people is being found on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn was found in 2003 by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin, Guericke Eric Ly and as well as Jean Luc Vaillant. The Global rank of LinkedIn is 12th according to Alexa and ranked 8 the United States of America therefore it is the reason that more users of LinkedIn are from US. Daily page viewers of LinkedIn are more than 10,000,000/- and it is earning 280000+ US Dollar at daily basis. The worth of LinkedIn is 200 million USD.  To have account on 3rd most popular social website on internet please visits

Google Plus 4th Top Social Website:

Google plus 4th Top Social Website

Google Plus which is written as Google+ is the part of Google which is developed recently but getting popularity rabidly due to some astonishing features. Google + is the 4th most favorite social website of the World. Google has planned to offer some extraordinary feature in this social site to draw the attention of people towards Google+. Google + was created in the month of June 2011. The official website of Google+ is as The users of Google+ are more than 10 million.  When a Gmail account is created the account of Google + is automatically created. Google+ is earning a handsome amount from Internet. The Alexa Rank of Google+ is 24. To create account on Google+ social site please click here

Tumblr 5th Top Social Website:

Tumblr 5th Top Social Website

Tumblr is the 5th top fast growing social website in the world which is ranked 28th globally and as well as the Rank of Tumblr social website in America is 17. The Tumblr social site was created by the David Karp who is the young Millionaire in the world to know more about David Karp click here. 2007 is the year of inauguration of Tumblr site. The daily page views of Tumblr are 43103943 and accordingly this social website is earning 130,000/- dollars daily and as well as the worth of website is 92.87 million dollars. The Headquarter of Tumblr is situated at New York America. Tumblr was initially owned by David Karp the owner of site but in recently David Karp has sold 80% shares of Yahoo.  To create account on Tumblr please visit their official site which as

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