Use of Cheap & Reliable Solar Energy in Homes & its popularity in Pakistan

Pakistan is dependent on crude oil to fulfill the requirement of electricity but since last few years the price of crude oil is going up with the passage of time & is causing increase of rates of electricity. The same time huge pressure is developing to fulfill the demand of electricity in Pakistan. In present situation Pakistan will have to create new ways to produce electricity. Pakistan is situated in such area where sun shines whole of the year, therefore we can fulfill our electricity’s requirement by getting it with solar Energy.
The use of solar energy is increasing worldwide but common people do not have enough information about solar energy due to this they make so many wrong decisions. Actually solar panels create very low electricity with sunshine, therefore this electricity should use with care and should use only LED bulb.
Not only LED bulb but also the things of home should be according to solar energy. Solar panels create DC current therefore DC electrical machines should use with solar Energy. To make solar energy successful only specific electronic things are used with solar energy like the same way UPS is used in the absence of electricity.  Minimum 3 to 4 and maximum 10 thousand are required to bright a room during load shedding in any area of Pakistan with Solar Energy. But for solar energy only one time has to invest while for UPS the battery needs to replace after every year. Although solar energy technician are available in Pakistan but the people who have some sense of electrical work can installed solar energy with ease.
Solar energy is cheap if we compare it with generator but this time battery of solar energy is expensive, electrical panels can create 12 to 52 cent energy available in Pakistan.
Pakistan is thinking about contract with private solar creating institutions. A number of huge private companies are producing solar energy these days while energy board has provided solar energy in 50 villages and more than 50 houses in Therparker area. For this project approximately 4 thousand spent each home. This is a cheap and good way of producing electricity in Pakistan; Government of Pakistan should take serious steps towards it. We as nation also take interest in solar energy; we can install solar system in our houses separately.

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