Violence against Women in Pakistan and India

Allah has given a most beautiful gift to man in shape of woman. A woman can be a daughter, sister, mother and as well as wife. Woman in any shape helps and services the man. A woman play vital role in the development of countries, today woman working in multinational companies, government sectors, factories, hospitals, educational institutions etc. We are living in the age of technology; we are independent and progressed but despite all of this violence against the woman is being continued in the world. The situation is more alarming in the subcontinent of Asia especially in countries like India and Pakistan. Numbers of women have been raped, killed, adducted in Pakistan and India.

Before the advent of Islam in Arab it has been noticed that girls were being burnt and buried in their childhood. After the arrival of Islam roles have been set for the women. Women have been given protection in Islam. Holy Prophet (PBUH) has given part inheritance to women. But tragedy is that a huge number of Muslims living in both India and Pakistan are being found involve against the violence of woman by ignoring the teachings of Islam.

Violence against Women in India:

Violence against Women in India

India has obtained a reputable position in the subcontinent of Asia. India has developed a lot in recent few years and now is ready to compete with great developed countries like China, Turkey etc. but the situation regarding violence in India is really evil. India is one of the huge populated countries in the world.  Violence against women is common thing in India. Everyday hundreds of incidents against the violence of women are being registered in India. These cases can be of rapes, kidnappings, sexual harassments, tortures, acid thrown and plenty of cases regarding dowry.  More than 228,650 cases were being registered in the year of 2011 and 90% teenage girls were between the age of 15 to 20.
India has been amongst the world media when a gang rape incident was took place in local bus on 16 December 2012. The 23 year old Doctor Young girl whose name was Jyoti Singh raped by 06 men and she was died after six days of incident in hospital. India has been criticized by the different countries in this regards.
Somehow Indian film industry and media is responsible for rapidly growing violence against the Indian woman. Such kind of movies and dramas are being telecasted on TV which causes crimes against woman. Crimes against woman in India are more from massive cities as compare to small cities or villages. Numerous married women are also being victimized by their husbands for dowry and other purposes. The government of India is taking step by bring amendments in the constitutions regarding harassment and as well violence against women.

Violence against Women in Pakistan:

Violence against Women in Pakistan

The situation in Pakistan about violence against women is not much different from India. Woman in Pakistan had high place in the past but in recent few years violence against the woman has increased. Aurat Foundation which is an NGO working for welfare of women reported that hundreds of women are being killed, kidnapped and raped in last year. There is no protection of women in Pakistan. Pakistan is an Islamic Republic where a high percentage of people are Muslims but despite of this women are being treated very inhumanly. Women in Pakistan are dependent human beings as they have to depend on their husbands, brothers for financial support. In recent few years it has been observed that women in Pakistan has started work own, they are working in offices, factories and some are running boutiques.
The government of Pakistan is talking some important steps with the help of United Nations to stop the violence against the women. Government has also passed a constitution for the benefit and the protection of woman in Pakistan. Moreover we have given some important and useful steps for the stoppage of violence against the women.

Steps to Stop Violence against the Women

  • One of most important factor behind violence against women is movies and televisions so it is strongly recommended that films and dramas should be banned which has material to cause the violence.
  • It has been observed that the people who watch porn materials are likely to be involved in crime activities against woman.
  • People department should be strong as whenever an accused person is arrested he should be punished hard.
  • Law and Enforcement Agencies should be fully skilled and trained.
  • Educate the people for the stoppage of violence of women.

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