War Against Terrorism In Pakistan And USA

War Against Terrorism IN Pakistan-II

Former Government of US was warned to Obama before coming into powers that Pakistan will be problem huge for Obama Government. Moreover he also blamed that General Musharraf had a plan to gain money from Washington by giving permission to US for attacking in Afghanistan because US could not attack Afghanistan without the help of Pakistan. All the food and war related goods were to be transferred from border of Pakistan. The world says that Pakistan returned to US. According to a report Pakistan has been taking 600 million dollar annually from September 2001 to October 2004.

U.S and its coalition countries promised to Pakistan for giving the helicopters and some other weapons for fighting the enemies in Mountainous areas in Pakistan but nothing has been given to Pakistan. The U.S and its coalition countries blamed Pakistan to giving the opportunities to make Al-Qaida strong again after the attack on Afghanistan in October 2001. Moreover, Pakistan could not stop Afghanis to enter in Pakistan therefore; the weapons could not be given to Pakistan.  According to the observers of Pakistan, the president, Prime Minister, Army Chief of Pakistan and the chairperson of agencies have realized that this war is not beneficial for Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan has almost finished and no one consider save himself in this part of world.

War against the Terrorism in Pakistan is causing big time. . This situation shows that the US and its coalition partner do want to see progressive and prosperous Pakistan. Despite of all sacrifices of Pakistan America still favors India. The government of Pakistan has said plenty of times India Interfering in Balochistan but nor US neither United Nations taking interest in this matter.  All the bombs attacks in Pakistan is due to the Indian terrorist Agency Raw, so many people of Pakistan have lost their lives in these bomb blasts, many of these were the only ones to earn livelihood for their families. Many mothers have lost their beloved sons, sisters have lost their brothers, wives have lost their husband but the demand of US is not coming to end, they are continuously saying “do more”.War Against Terrorism IN Pakistan

An attempt made by Faisal Shahzad for bomb blast in New York at Time Square has remained unsuccessful but the American’s investigating agencies started to blame Pakistan; in this regard Pakistan has been pressurized by US.  American Interior Minister even said that if this kind of attempt would come again than Pakistan would have to face US, it is really interesting fact same response came from Indian after the Mumbai’s attack.

War against Terrorism in Pakistan and US is creating so many problems. Pakistan is rewarding for coalition with US against war for terror in shape of Drones attacks, people are becoming victims of suicides attacks, India is making dams in our water, the rate of unemployment increasing in Pakistan very rapidly, nation is facing energy crises, people will have to bear the load shedding of electricity more than 20 hours a day, the landlord transferring their business and industries to other Asian countries due to energy crises, Pakistan has become slave of IMF, all the rates are decided by IMF and Pakistan will have to implement it by any mean, the economy of Pakistan has been demoralized, the shrines have not been saved. America and its coalition partners are now talking about to attack in Pakistan against terrorists.

This is the time to take some important steps for the prosperity of Pakistan and for its people. There will be new government in the month of May 2013 after the general election. The people of Pakistan should realize the importance of their votes; they should give votes to the people who are sincere with Pakistan.  The elected government should boycott the policies of US and other countries which don’t want to see Pakistan making progress. This is the only way where we can establish a new Pakistan once again after the independence on 14th August 1947.

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