Warid Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Call Packages

In Pakistan, there are some businesses which are getting very high profit in telecom division which is all due to various mobile users. Warid is having a multiple number of mobile users due to which it entered in best telecom service providers. There are many other telecom companies which are providing same services as Warid. Warid is considered to be the best user’s choice due to its exciting packages and network services. Warid excites its users by providing them monthly, daily, weekly and hourly call packages, and in addition to this warid also provide exciting internet packages in very cheap rates. Warid daily, hourly, weekly and monthly packages help the users to determine which package is best for them according to their desired rates. Details of warid daily, weekly, monthly and hourly package are explained below:

Warid Hourly Call Package:

Warid is well aware from the requirements of its users and customers. Therefore, manage and introduce packages to facilitate the people. In this segment of post, we are going to provide information regarding thrilling offer. This offer referred to Crazy Hour and Hourly call package as well. You can enjoy unlimited calls during hourly package on Warid networks. Means this offers is available from Warid to Warid only.  You can avail this offer two times a day. Company charges 3 + tax for Warid Hourly call package. To activate this offer send SMS to 2742. Select hour before sending SMS such as 09:00AM.

Warid Daily Package:

Those who are not regular call customers can take Warid daily call package. This is the best package to call on-net or off-net numbers. Sometimes, those who have jobs and are free on Sundays and want to spend quality time with their friends and family members on phone. The daily package is best for them. Warid provides extremely cheap and unbelievable call and SMS services alongwith internet bundle or we can say that Warid provides all in one package which is a treat to its customers. In these packages, the customer can make on-net and as well as off-net calls for free on very low rates. The detail of Warid Daily Packages is mentioned below:-

  1. The first package is apna shehar Multan and Faisalabad package in which 20 paisa/ minutes will be charged in the mentioned cities.
  2. The second package is apna shehar Peshawar offer. In this package Rs 7.99 +tax/ day will be charged on every on-net and off-net call in the peshawar region.
  3. The third package is apna shehar Multan, Faisalabad, Jammu Kashmir, Gujranwala and Hyderabad package. In this package Rs, 5.99+tax/day will be charged in these regions on every on-net and off-net calls. In daily bundle package Rs 30+tax/day will be charged on every on-net and off-net calls. In power pack bundle Rs 4.99+tax/day will be charged on on-net and off-net calls.
  4. Last call package is a Pakistan offer, in this package Rs, 12+tax/day will be charged on every on-net and off-net calls. Furthermore, details related to daily packages are given below:
Package Description Activation Code Charges
Apna Shehar Multan, Faisalabad 20 paisa/Min in these cities SMS “BOL” to 4337 Rs 20 paisa/ minute
Apna Shehar Peshawar offer Unlimited calls+0.02/sec call rates+5MB Internet SMS “BAAT ” to 4337 Rs 7.99+tax/day
Apna Shehar (Multan, Faisalabad, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Gujranwala, Hyderabad etc) 20 paisa/ min SMS “ON” to 4337 Rs 5.99+Tax/day
Apna Shehar Karachi Offer Unlimited calls+5MB Internet & 50 SMS anywhere in pakistan SMS “KAR ” to 4337 Rs 10.00+tax/day
Daily Bundle 10 off-net minutes, 200 on –net minutes , 30 MB internet and 300 SMS  Dial code *99*11# Rs 30+tax/day
Power Pack 5 min call, 5MB Internet and 100 SMS SMS “P” TO 7777 Rs 4.99+tax/day
Pakistan offer From 8pm-6pm unlimited calls “PK” to 4337 Rs 12+tax/day

Warid Weekly Call Packages:

Warid offers two types of weekly call packages to its customers so that they can be entertained to the fullest. The two of warid packages are known as warid 7 days offer or warid poora hafta call package. These packages are available in very handsome rates. The package can be selected according to the requirements. The first package contains 700 on-net minutes, 700 SMS, 70 off-net minutes and 700 MB Internet bundle. the second package which is known as poora hafta package consists of 1000 SMS, 250 MB internet bundle, unlimited on-net calls but no off-net calls.poora hafta offer activation charges is Rs 80 +tax and the activation charges of 7-day call package are Rs 99+tax. this package is best for those who have to maintain long distance relationships and use SMS service to communicate.

Package Description Activation Code Charges
7-day offer 700 0n-net minutes, 700 SMS, 70 Off-net minutes and 700 MB internet bundle Dial *99*7# from your mobile keypad Rs 99+tax
Poora Hafta Offer 1000 SMS, 250MB internet bundle an unlimited on-net calls message “WO” to 3333 Rs 80+tax

Warid Monthly Call Package

Warid monthly call package is best for those who are far away from their home as it is the most convenient call package. This package can be activated only in Rs 520+tax. In this package users are given 1500 on-net and 100 off-net minutes with 1500 SMS to any network in Pakistan. warid users are also be given 1500 MB internet bundle so they can enjoy internet services as well. The validity of this package is 30 days and the package will not be re-activated. To activate this package you have to dial *99*33#.

Package Description Activation Code Charges
Warid Mahana Offer 1500 SMS, 1500 on-net minutes, 100 off-net minutes, 1500 MB internet bundle Dial *99*33# from your phone keypad Rs 520+tax

This was all about Warid Hourly, Daily, Weekly and monthly call packages. Warid offers variety of call packages for its customers time to time. All other packages which have not been mentioned here are especially been written separately as per following:-


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