Washington Navy Yard | Aaron Alesix has been Identified as the Contractor of HP

Aaron Alesix has been Identified as the Contractor of HP On 16 September 2013 the incident of firing was took place at the headquarter of Navy situated in Washington Navy yard where 13 people were killed and many injured. Aaron Alexis was the main person for the incident who has been the former employee of Navy but he was discharged due to another incident in the year 2011. The 34 years of age Alexis was the contractor with Hewlett Packard.
The sources of Federal Bureau of Investigation have confirmed the identity of Aaron Alexis who also has been killed during firing by the police. Meanwhile the police of Washington have released the list of seven killed person out of 13. The name of seven killed persons is given below:

  1. Vishnu Pandit
  2. Kenneth Bernard Proctor
  3. John Roger Johnson
  4. Kathy Gaarde
  5. Sylvia Frasier
  6. Michael Arnold
  7. Frank Kohler

These persons have been identified and other remaining person yet to be cleared. According to the latest news Aaron Alexis was the shooter belonged to HP company was identified moreover the latest news will be updated here regarding the incident of Navy Yard.

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