What is the IELTS | General Information about IELTS

IELTS is the abbreviation of International English Language Testing System which was launched in 1989 to assess the abilities of English language. The people whose native language is other than English and want to work/study in the English speaking countries have to clear the examination conducted jointly by Cambridge English Language Assessment, British Council and as IDP Education (International Education Organization). According to the information released by these organizations more than Nine Hundred (9000) educational institutions in the world have accepted the IELTS. It is the major English language test system in the world after TOEFL. As per stats around 03 million ones appear in the exams every year. We are writing this post to facilitate/guide the people of Pakistan. Visit the relating post for title of IELTS Test Tips for Preparation.What is the IELTS- General Information about IELTSActually IELTS is designed to help the people to improve the English with the help of thousands of institutions across the world and British Council is also providing facilities to teach the people with qualified and skilled staff. During time period of test of about 03 hours examiners assess English language abilities and on behalf of test you are given Band Scale instead of marks. There are two types of IELTS one is called Academic and other General IELTS test. The people who want to study abroad are need to take the Academic IELTS and those who want to establish business in foreign will take General IELTS Test.

International English Language Testing System in Pakistan:

The national language of Pakistan is Urdu therefore a huge amount of people in Pakistan speak Urdu so when a businessman or a student wants to move to countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Argentina, Finland, United States etc. have to provide the certification of IELTS issued by the British or Australian Councils. In the absence of IELTS or failure you might not be able to get permission by immigration team to visit the country. Importance was not given to IELTS in the past but now it has been made compulsory to present the IELTS certificate with the visa application form otherwise you will not be granted visa. IELTS is basically divided into four categories such as Reading, Writing, Speaking and as well as Listening. You will have to pass every category to get success in the exam. Let’s discuss every category in detail:-


The portion/category of reading is consisted on 03 sections. You are being given several paragraphs written in threatening English and you will have to read the paragraph within given stipulated time and then answer the different kind of questions in form of multiple choices, fill in the blanks, true or false within time. The time allowed for the test of reading is exactly 60 minutes and you will never be given any extra time to solve the questions even a minute therefore it is strongly recommended to manage the time.


In the segment of writing you are being given two tasks. In the first step you will be asked to write a promising article/essay the topic given by the examiners. The given topic can never be changed at any cost so it is suggested that get enough preparation and focus on ongoing national and international crises. In the second task you will be able to find a diagram, graph, flow chart and you will have to describe the situation of specified given task in your own words. The total time for this category is given 60 minutes.

What is the IELTS, General Information about IELTSListening:

In the part of listening test an recorded dialogue, news or some kind of discussion is played and you will have to listen the recording very carefully. The recording is played for 30 minutes and during this process you will answer the questions on rough sheet. After that you will be given 10 minutes to transfer answers to final answer sheet provided by the examiner.  The time allowed for this module is exactly the 40 minutes. Remember recording will be played once only, you will not get any second chance therefore this section needs your proper attention and concentration otherwise you will not be able to attempt the questions correctly.

Where and When I Can Take IELTS Test?

You have two options because IELTS test in Pakistan is being conducted by the British Council and as well as Australian Council. There is no huge difference between British and Australian Councils and fee is also same in both institutions. It has been seen that most of people who have interest in IELTS prefer British Council to take the test and reason behind is that you may find more facilities than Australian Councils. The trend of get education in UK is very much in in these days therefore it is another reason people wish British Council. British Council has been able to managed offices in cities such as Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore Peshawar, Quetta and Multan as well.  How to Get Register for IELTS? Click Here.

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