Why students fail in College Especially Boys Reasons and Suggestion

why student fail in collegeThis now has become most important question that why students especially boys fail in colleges even they are very successful at secondary level. The first thing is that all the students are not same, their views their thinking and determination are different from each other. Some boys come to college for wandering and some come for passing their times & some come for making their future bright. Many other students have different kind of problems in college. But here we will only discuss the life of boys during the college time and the reasons of failure.

The first of all the common reason is that these students come after finishing the school into a new environment. Where they will have to face new environment but also face new subjects and new teachers. Sometime students are not able to select their favorite subjects and the same time parents and teachers stress the students for selecting the subjects which they do not like to study or have no interest that specific subject thus they could not manage and in the end they fail. Because the subjects have select do not suit them & therefore cannot study properly, finally the stop to study and leave the colleges.

Some students are so clever and they continue their habits even after joining the colleges & they participate unnecessary activities. This is how they waste time in such kind of activities instead of concentrate on study.  While studying at college students should work hard and give the proper time. But some students do not have proper timing for study and at last the fail in exams.

Another issue is that some students face health problems as they come to study from their native villages & living in hostels.  These students do not perform well in the examinations. And some students have economic problems although they are intelligent, hardworking but despite all of that they do not have good results. There are some who have good wealth and they do not make use of it properly and involved different type of illegal activities.

In the end I will advise to parents while taking admission in college they should ask their children that what they are thinking to study or observe them and then select the field of study for them. By doing this, students will perform better and good results will come out. Students should also study with core of heart as this is most important part of life which will decide good or evil future of their life.

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