Why there is a need to study Philosophy at an early age?

There are different fields of study which grasp the attention of students like: Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Mathematics and History etc. As these subjects sound familiar to most of the people, and they have some prior knowledge about it. But there is also an interest capturing subject named “PHILOSOPHY” which comes from Greek word means “love of wisdom.”

If i ask anyone that what is philosophy so, they just answer that yeah, its a field which is about deep thinking and was studied by ancient people as its pointing towards the greek time because philosophy actually flourished at that time period. People don’t know the actual definition of this subject, they only know the surface details. It is very important that the people should know that what philosophy actually is, and why it is important to study. Studying philosophy is beneficial in many ways. First, it develops your critical thinking, develops your intellectual ability which make you a good thinker. Second, Gives you more than just knowledge of the literature, Gives you a deep understanding of literature. Third, It makes you a better thinker and a more well-rounded writer. Philosophy uses the tools of logic and reason to analyze the ways in which humans experience the world. Philosophy is one of the three major tools man uses in order to shed light on some of life’s most profound questions, the other two being science and religion. And like science and religion, philosophy has many competing theories and is practiced in many different ways. It is not only a subject, it is much more than that. It answers most of the questions which arouse in persons mind e.g: What is the purpose of human existence?, why we are here?, what is life?, and what is God? Students who learn philosophy are different from rest of the crowd. They have different views towards life. They think, behave, act differently. So this is what makes person distinct and it is good in a manner that a student leads towards by being philosopher.

Further, is that its not only about developing critical thinking it is much more beyond that. Philosophy is categorized into two kinds of philosophies that are Eastern and Western. In both philosophies there are different things to learn. Western philosophy teaches about the heavy use of logic, reasoning, and categorization. An idea is presented, reasons are given for belief in the idea, and then conclusions are made based on the idea. Western philosophy breaks down ideas as much as it can, and it tends to focus on the parts rather than the whole.

Why to Study Philosophy for children

Importance of Study of Philosophy:

On the contrary, Eastern philosophy emphasizes the whole. That’s one of the reasons Chinese and Indian sages never differentiated between religion and philosophy or categorized their philosophies into branches. All of their teachings were not meant to be taken as separate truths, but as parts that would eventually lead to the revelation of the one Truth.

Both philosophies have different school of thoughts. School of thought of eastern philosophy are: Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Integral Yoga, Islam, Taoism, Zen. And for western philosophy is  Christianity which is totally rational, scientific and logical.

So, by studying philosophy you are not only develop your own deep thinking and personality but you are also able to know about the different people and perception that what are their views about life. For example: Aristotle the very well known name that everybody knows. The disciple of Plato. He also did alot of advancement by providing theories which really makes people amazed that this is also be possible. By taking another example of Confucius, he also a very learned man, And Chinese people still follow his teaching. He didn’t called himself God but people are so much inspired by them so they treated him like a God. Confucius also provide teachings related to philosophy. There are many big names who worked on philosophy but now if people studied this then maybe there are new philosopher emerge from the new generation who follow the principles of other philosophers and make new principles as well.

Therefore, if you want to be different and to be like these philosophers, then study philosophy. It really makes you think out of the box and make you a broad minded person. If people study philosophy at an early age, there is no harm in that. Though it makes you an intellectual being and i think there is no harm in being intellectual.

I would like to conclude it with:

“It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.”  – Rene Descarte

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