Woman Saved Several Lives after Death in Saudi Arabia

Dammam: According to media sources a woman belonging to Saudi Arab saved many lives after the death by donating her organs. To donate organs is banned in the religion of Islam but despite of this woman devotedWoman Saved Several Lives after Death in Saudi Arabia organs.

The woman who denoted was admitted in the hospital since 2 weeks ago and the brain of woman was dead. There was no hope of life of particular woman. An NGO in Saudi Arab contacted with the family of woman and asked them to denote. The family of woman was not ready for this step but later they agreed with the NGO and gave permission to transplant the organs which can be.

Accordingly she has given her heart, liver and as well kidneys to the needy patient in Saudi Arab. The heart of lady is given to patient who was admitted in hospital of Riyadh city, kidney to 15 years old boy and as well liver was transplanted to sixty four year old man who was admitted in the hospital of Dammam hospital.

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