Zong Offers Daily, Fortnightly, Weekly and Monthly SMS Packages

Zong is the 3rd largest telecommunication providing Services Company in the Pakistan is now offering some great short message services (SMS) to its users. As the motto of Zong is “Say It All” therefore keeping in view Zong has started excellent SMS services in very cheap rates. The users of Zong have been found difficulty about the complete detail of SMS packages so we have solved their problems by providing the complete information in this post about Daily SMS Package, Fortnightly SMS Package, Weekly SMS Package and as well as Monthly SMS Package.

Zong Daily, Weekly and Monthly SMS Packages:

Zong actually is the first ever telecommunication brand of China which was established in 2008. The mobile users in Pakistan are increasing very rapidly therefore to provide the excellent service to people have been difficult task. In the past there were only two well-known telecom service providing companies in Pakistan such as Mobilink and Warid but due to large number of costumers it had become problematic Zong Offers Daily, Fortnightly, Weekly and Monthly SMS Packagesto control. Therefore Zong Telecom Company was launched in the year of 2008. Chinese mobiles companies already doing Business in Pakistan at very high level you may can find every kind of Chinese Mobiles in the markets of Pakistan in cheap rates. Now there are more than 02 million costumers of Zong services in Pakistan which are taking benefits from Zong Network. Zong has been excellent since its creation as it provides outstanding call packages, SMS packages, Internet Packages and some other tremendous services. We are here to provide information about   Zong Offers Daily, Fortnightly, Weekly and Monthly SMS Packages which is mentioned separately in detail as below:-

Zong Daily SMS Package:

Zong is providing daily SMS package in very cheap rate than other networks in Pakistan. Now you can send 500 SMS to any network in Pakistan just in 2.50 + Tax. Zong is the first Telecom Company in Pakistan which started daily SMS package service to fulfill the requirements of its users for 24/7. The network of Zong has made easy to communicate and stay with your all love ones. How to subscribe the daily SMS Package is the question that is asked by the users which is mentioned here in two steps:-

  • Write in SMS “Sub” and send it to 700
  • When SMS comes from 700 reply this with 1.

Once you perform the above two steps you daily SMS package will be activated or subscribed now you can send 500 SMS to any network in Pakistan alongwith 100 Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS). If you have sufficient credit in your account the daily SMS package will be continue and in the absence of account balance you have to re-subscribe the offer with the method mentioned above. How to unsubscribed Zong Daily SMS package?

  • Write in SMS “Unsub” and send to 700.

Zong Fortnightly SMS Package:

You can avail the services of Zong Fortnightly SMS Package. The services charges of Zong Fortnightly SMS package can be obtained with rupees of 50+ tax. So enjoy Zong Fortnightly SMS package with the following method which needs two steps only:-

  • Write in SMS “Sub” and send to 700
  • When SMS from 700 comes reply it with 3.

Zong Weekly SMS Package:

To subscribe with the services of Zong Weekly SMS package you will be required to follow the given instructions. The activation of Zong Weekly SMS package will charge 12+tax.

  • Write in SMS “Sub” and sent it 700.
  • After arrival of SMS from 700 reply to with 2.

And if you want to unsubscribe with the services of Zong Weekly SMS package you just need to send an SMS to 700 by writing “Unsub”.

Zong Monthly SMS Package:

Zong monthly SMS package is reliable which continues for whole of the month just with one time activation of Rupees of 80+ tax. As similarly to above method, you can avail the opportunity of sending unlimited SMS to any network in Pakistan without having any problems. To activate the services of Zong Monthly SMS package apply following steps which are as under:-

  • Write in SMS “Sub” and sent it to 700.
  • Reply with 4 to SMS receives from 700.

 This was all about the Zong SMS packages so you can enjoy the services of Zong. You can activate SMS package as according to your choice and taste. To unsubscribe the services SMS services you just need to write “unsub” and send it to 700.


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