Earthquake in Iran: 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake was Hit Near to Nuclear Power Station, More than 30 Died

April Eartquake in Iran

The earthquake of 6.3 magnitude hits today near to Nuclear Power Station in the province of Bushehr in Iran. More than 30 people are victimized and so many injured. Fortunately there was no damage done to Nuclear Power station as the Earthquake was about 60 miles away from the Power Station.

Telephone lines are broken and many other damages in the city, although it was not huge magnitude earthquake but still it has affected the city big time & 31 lives have been lost. In back 6.6 magnitude earthquakes was hit to southeastern area and more than 26,000 people were died on that occasion.

The Nuclear Power system is already criticized by the community from all over the world, especially pressure has been developing from US & Israel with the passage of time. They think Iran is preparing for war against the US and some others specific countries & it is quite possible Iran uses Nuclear weapons during war.

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