Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2022

Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia. It is the dream of every skilled, qualified and professional person to have job in Saudi Arabia because its economic position is getting better and better with the passage of time. The economy of Saudi Arabia depends on Oil & Gas as it is largest exporter of petroleum and played a prominent role in Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for many years. The petroleum sector finances for almost all of Saudi Govt. Revenues and as well as export earnings. It is the country in the world that has most of foreigners working in companies, workshops, multinational destinations and even in Govt. sectors. There is huge value of competent, skilled and especially people with technical education in Saudi. Companies offer attractive salaries including fringe benefits to the people therefore, it is the reason it is a desired destination for job seekers. We are going to educate you regarding Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia.

The rules and regulations of the country are very strict however, it should be understand that working in any country across the world would entail worker to abide rules of that country. I am found wonder to know that “Saudi Arab” despite having largest piece of land as far as concerned to job placements there is no proper and well-managed information available on internet for the people who are looking for jobs thus I decided to provide a post which bifurcates complete guidance for the purpose of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2019 but before going to start writing I feel necessary to discuss little bit about Saudi Arab. Saudi Arabia is also known as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arabic state located in Western Asia.

Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia:

It was found in 1932 by Ibn Saud. There are two main wholehearted places of Muslim are being found in Saudi Arab such as Al-Masjid Al-Haram (Mecca) and Al-Masjid An-Nabawi (Medina). The population of Kingdom is about 28.7 million and almost 8 million are foreigners. The education in Saudi Arabia is free of cost at all levels. The school education system is comprised on elementary, intermediate and as well as secondary school system. Let come to our purpose of writing! Well jobs seekers who have earned degrees of engineers, doctors, marketing, human resources, Information technology etc. are warmly welcomed by Saudi Arab but I am going to share a list of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia as per following detail:-

Petroleum Engineers:

Petroleum Engineers are being given very respect in Saudi Arab as this country totally dependable on petroleum. Petroleum Engineering is referred to exploration and production of countless petroleum based hydrocarbons like natural gas, crude, and other important energy resources. The people who have done petroleum engineering are warmly welcomed in Saudi Arab because they are paid very extensive salary including plenty of benefits. It is really a high paying job placement. Multinational, govt. and local companies in Saudi Arabia are paid to the engineers more than $80,000 per month. To a foreigner Employee, Company provides glorious facilities such as high class accommodation, transport, free of cost medical treatment to his and his spouse, yearly bonus and as well as return ticket to native country. Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Medical Professionals:

Medical is another exceptional, respected and cash making field in Saudi Arab. Every year thousands of medical professionals are being hired around the world in hospitals, healthcare units, and clinics. The professionals are given excellent accommodation, fringe benefits, transport facility with driver, about 2 month leave to foreigner (doctors, nurses & surgeons etc.) and yearly based bonus. Average salary of MBS is about $34,000 per month and if someone works in off time he will be given extra or overtime allowance as per the rules of Kingdom of Saudi Arab. Thousands of doctors, medical consultants and people relating to medical field prefer to work here because salary packages, allowances and other facilities are extraordinary.

Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

CEO / Managing Director:

There are thousands of multinational and local companies in Saudi Arabia and most of the owners prefer to have qualified, expert, and intelligent CEO for their companies for better management and additional profit. Companies appoint the management professionals and return them a handsome amount for their services. CEO is everything for a business or a company. The persons have done Master in Business Administrator (MBA) or Charter Accountant (CA) are hugely welcomed. Company in Saudi Arabia that assigns a CEO gives attractive salary and other benefits. The smart accommodation, a new car, medical facilities, free tours to well-development countries and as well as return ticket (if foreigner). The usual salary of a managerial person or CEO approximately is $30,000 US.

Banking / Accounting, Finance Industry:

Banking is another high profile job placement in Saudi Arab.  There are thousands of banks in Saudi Arab therefore every year plenty of jobs opportunities occur. National and international qualified persons who have got degrees in the field of accounting, banking and finance are being appointed on very high salaries. There are several benefits of performing jobs in any reputable bank located in Saudi Arab.  The persons in this field are being hired for the purpose of examine, analyze accounting records, financial statements and other financial responsibilities. Excellent working environment is being provided to someone who executes the responsibilities as mentioned overhead. The monthly earnings of a person working in Banks are being paid roughly $16,000 US per month including some other allowances such as traveling, house rent allowance etc. Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Construction & Project Administration:

Saudi Arabia is one of the major exporters of oil in the world. Due to this the economy of the Saudi is continually on the rise and the construction sector specifically has been increased. There is huge demand of construction services in Saudi Arabia as it can be evaluated by enormous demand of building material such as cement, bricks etc. Development, commercial, medical & other projects are already underway for better infrastructure of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Saudi Govt. intends to start many developments and other projects therefore too many job opportunities are vacant in Saudi Arab. Construction companies in Saudi Arabia are always in search of people relating to the field of construction such as Civil Engineers, site supervisor, consultants, surveyors. Companies require qualified and experience persons to work for them and in return they offer very handsome salary including benefits of free medical treatment, free transport, free air return tickets and much more. The average salary in Saudi Arabia for persons relating to construction field is al 13,000 US Dollars.

Information Technology Industry:

Overwhelming development of information technology (I.T) have changed our economic and as well as social life across the world in many ways. It was need of time to realize the importance of Information Technology in the country therefore Saudi Arab adopted many revolutionary steps for the progress of I.T. In result of that in recent few years several multinational, local and govt. companies have been established in country. Due to expansion of IT companies, the demand of I.T individuals has increased. Govt. started to provide the facilities of information technology in several national institutions such as the field of education, medical, police, army and much other. Normally the average salary which is paid to I.T related persons is about $11,000 and other benefits as per rules of Saudi Govt.

Developers and Designers:

The demand of developers and designers in Saudi Arabia is very high. In these days business or development of any kind of company / organization is dependent on advertisement. To present a business or a company profile needs precious advertisement and for advertisement a well-managed and experienced person is required. The requirement of developers and designers is on high in Saudi Arabia. With the development of internet, the trend of online advertisement is on peak therefore designing companies in Saudi Arabia are always found to look for qualitative designers. A designer / developer in Saudi Arabia earns about $10,000 per month including other allowances.

English Teachers:

If you are a English Teacher and want to have a bright future and job engagement than there is no better place for you other than Saudi Arab. As native language of Saudi is Arabic but at international level English is spoken therefore, English teachers have so much value in Saudi Arab. There is much value for teachers in the country especially the foreigners are being seen with so much respect. The educational institutions invite students for short English Language Course thrice in an academic session. Moreover English subject is being read as compulsory subject in classes therefore, the demand of English teacher is very high. The teachers are offered attractive salary and other benefits. The average salary of the teachers in Saudi Arab is $6,000.

Sales / Marketing:

Sales and marketing is another excellent profession in Saudi Arabia. Usually private and multinational companies hire sale/marketing person and they are given good amount as salary. The sales managers are considered the background of the company therefore the importance of sale and marketing person is very high. As per recent stats a salesman gets home about $5,000 per month. Moreover, company also provides commission on the completion of target. There are several jobs of this field available in Saudi Arabia therefore whoever wants to have can get easily. Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Property Advisors & Consultants:

As we all know that Saudi Arabia is very much large country as far as concerned to population and area therefore the property advisors and property consultants can easily get jobs in Saudi. In this field experience requires as compare to education. However graduate in the field of commerce is given preference. There are many facilities for property advisors including salary. The salary of this type of person approximately is $4,000 per month.  Especially foreigners are seen interesting for this type of jobs because there is great peace in this work and salaries are reasonable in this era of world.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia


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