Indian Village Got Electricity After 65 Years of Independence

India Village Got Electricity After 65 Years of Independence

Pakistani nation is suffering from the crisis of load shedding in these days but there is a village in neighbor country India who got first time the facility of electricity since the 65 years of independence.

There is a village in Uttar Pradesh which had no electricity since India got independence. More than 100 families are residing in this village people went to nearest village to take advantages of energy.

The 51 years of age Ram Achal told that he is now a relaxed man he had to travel nearest village to charge our cell phones. When we visit Lucknow we see many shopping malls and colourful life/ we wished to have these facilities in our village while we are limited to candles and lumps.

Chibaukhera is 15 KM away from the airport of Lucknow. The children of village were so happy and amazed to see the bulb lighting first time ever in their village.

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