Natural Resources of Pakistan and Poor Management

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the independent country in the subcontinent of Asia which was founded on 14 of August 1947 with the approximately population of more than 190 million people and the area of Pakistan is 796,095 km2. As far as concerned to population the Pakistan is the 6th biggest country in the world. There are four provinces of Pakistan such as Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan & as well Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. We have decided to write for natural resources of Pakistan and poor management, well Pakistan is the country that has blessed with countless natural resources which perhaps no country has in the world. The Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistani with plenty of natural resources such as energy resources, Wind, Hydropower, Agriculture resources, Irrigation network, Fertile land, several of crops, animal husbandry, fishing, human resources, majority of young people, natural sui gas, and many more. We will share here some of the important natural resources of Pakistan which have been neglecting since the independence. The sources which we’re going to discuss have so much value and the proper use of those resources can make Pakistan prosperous and developed.

Coal Resources:

Coal which has other name of black gold  have so much important in the countries where it is found and Pakistan is the best country in the world where coal have been found in huge quantity. In recent few years the government of Punjab managed to discover 01 low and 04 medium quality coal in the Punjab area. Moreover bituminous, sub bituminous and as well as lignite coal was been discovered in the province of Punjab and according the statistical the estimated value of these natural resources about billions of dollars because the quantity of coal is more than 180 billion tons. The proper use of this reward can make about 600 billion barrels crude oil and thus Pakistan can make place in the top four countries that have much crude oil. As we said that the other name of coal is black gold and reason behind saying is that it has much importance. The main resources areas of coal are as Lakhra, Sonda, Thatta, Jherruck and Thar.Natural Resources of Pakistan

Agriculture Resources:

Pakistan has been said the land of agriculture therefore it is the reason more than 75% people are connected with the profession of agriculture or in other words the economy of Pakistan is dependent on agriculture. According to the latest surveys Pakistan has been placed in the top ten countries which are producing and supplying the following agriculture items across the world such as:-

  • Chickpea
  • Mango milk
  • Date palm
  • Onion
  • Oranges
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Cotton

There is huge agriculture fertile area in Pakistan and the farmers have also been found hardworking therefore it is the reason Pakistan is being called the largest producer and supplier in the world. Moreover the weather of Pakistan is very much suitable for farming. The rice of Pakistan can be divided into many categories due to different standard and rice produced by Pakistan is really qualitative and full of fragrance therefore is being supplied around the world in huge quantity ever year.

Water Resources:

Water is the fundamental need of human life because there is no life without water and Pakistan is the country where huge amount of clean or drinking water can be found. There are very few countries in the world that has this tremendous resource. As we were discussing above that Pakistan depends on farming and farming without water is nothing. Pakistan has exceptional irrigation network all over the world and this network helps the farmers to produce the crop in huge amount. Moreover energy crisis is the major problem of Pakistan is facing today and the energy crisis can easily be solved with the proper management and utilized the pure use of natural resources including water. It has been said that the coming wars would be for water because the water is very rabidly decreasing in the world and is being populated but water in Pakistan is being considered safe and clean which only need some good management team and awareness amongst the people to realize the importance of clean water.Natural Resources of Pakistan and Poor Management

Forests Resources:

The forests have very much importance for any country and very fortunately Pakistan is the country where a reasonable land is consisted on forests. Forest helps to make the environment clean and remove dangerous gases in the air. There are many benefits of forests and one of them is to provide the raw material to the industries and factories i.e. timber, pharmaceutical paper, etc. The other major benefit of forest is to provide the job opportunities as this time many people are earning their livelihood connected to forest department across the country.

Minerals and Power:

Minerals and Power resources are exceptional for the development of economic of any country and Pakistan is very rich country in the field of minerals and power resources. There have been found salt, coal, iron, copper, gold, magnetic, antimony ore, fire clay, phosphate, silica, stone, marble and much more.

Natural Resources in Pakistan but Poor Management:

Pakistan has many of natural resources and we have discussed few of them above but what is the reason Pakistan is still struggling despite full of natural resources country? Why Pakistan is bagging the world? Why the nation of Pakistan is unrest? Why Pakistani is not a prosperous country? Why the people of Pakistan are wondering about for job employment?  Why Pakistan is facing the problem of terror activities? These are questions are being asked every time amongst the people of Pakistan and media is also taking some real interest towards these hot topics. The problem is that since the creation of Pakistan it has been really unfortunate that Pakistan is unable to find the real leader of politician who thinks about the development & prosperity of country. Everyone comes into powers with the help of votes of the people with the thoughts of making money. The natural resources we have discussed above are enough to make Pakistan in progressing countries but the problem is that no one taking real interests. If the Government wants to establish the country in real meanings then they should have to take some real and difficult decision. The honest, educated and as well as skilled persons should be deputed to manage to resources otherwise the problems of Pakistan will never end.

We will appreciate you in comments if you have any question regarding the resources of Pakistan and have suggestions about the development and progress of our beloved county then not hesitate to share with people in comments.


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