Suzuki Alto 2022 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto 2022 Price in Pakistan. If you have fewer amounts and want to have fun with luxury vehicles in Pakistan, don’t go away, because, we are going to make you happy. Yes! One of the largest vehicle production company Suzuki has introduced Suzuki Alto 660 CC. This is beautiful, attractive looking and equipped with latest technology vehicle. The production company claims that this vehicle has especially been designed for low income people.

Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the leading vehicle productions Company purely by Japan. The Headquarter of the company is located in Minami-Ku, Hamamatsu, Japan. It was established in 1909 by the Suzuki Loom for weaving silk and cotton. It has been engaged to produce variety of vehicles since its establishment. It is 9th biggest automobile company in the world.  Anyhow, we are here to discuss about Suzuki Alto 660 CC car in Pakistan. Suzuki Alto is a low price car with good fuel economy. The first generation of Suzuki alto was developed in 1979 by the Suzuki Company in the japan. The first badge of alto was available in two doors also known as a light van. The latest model is included in the eighth generation of Suzuki model. It is also known as Mazda Carol. The key features of Suzuki Alto 2022 Price in Pakistan have been discussed as under:-

  • Seat belt reminder for both driver and passenger seat.
  • Keyless entry
  • Manual and automatic air conditioning
  • Electronic stability
  • Electric mirror control
  • Hill holds control
  • Start-stop button
  • Collision mitigation system
  • Cup holders
  • Heated front seat.
  • Suzuki Alto 2022 Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto 660 CC Specifications:-

The engine designed for Suzuki alto is inline 3 cylinders or turbocharged engine. The engine has a capacity of 68HP and torque of 90Nm with 4800rpm. The major advantage of this type of engine is that it is of compact size, light weight and easy to package. As it is smaller displacement engine it gives better fuel consumption. As it contains few cylinders this means few moving parts that produce less friction so less energy is lost and gives better mileage. Forces including primary and secondary both are well balanced in a vertical position. This type of engine has a low cost of  manufacturing. This type of engine is paired with continuously variable transmission (CVT) automatic transmission or 5-speed manual system. The CVT allows the maintenance of angular velocity by the help of input shaft.

s1Suzuki alto 660 cc is available in both 2WD and 4WD. It offers low emissions and great fuel efficiency. As steering system is electrically controlled it has an advantage and provides more fuel efficiency. This is because there is no constantly running hydraulic pump system. This type of machine is more simple to design and have a simple structure as different hydraulic pumps and hoses are not needed to build electrical steering system as well as a belt- driven engine accessories are also eliminated from the system. Electronic stability control system enables the driver to handle and control the steering carefully and with good efficiency. The effective balance is present between effort and feedback for the responsive driver. The first electric system was developed in 1988 in Suzuki Cervo.

 Suzuki alto 660 cc is about 132lb(60kg) lighter than the previous version of Suzuki alto. The average mileage of  the car is about 37 km  per liters or 2.7 liters per 100 Km. this average mileage is because of the well-designed engine and electric power steering system which enhance the ability of the car and fuel consumption efficiency.

Keyless entry has many advantages. This includes the safety of the car, as the car is centrally locked there are fewer chances of the car robbery. Nowadays there are many issues of car robbery addition of a keyless entry into the car makes it safe. Another good advantage is that car can be easily identified in large and crowded parking areas, as clicking one button can help to find out the car by its beep. The new safety system has also been introduced in new Suzuki alto 660 CC 2016 this includes emergency stop signal and unintended start control system.

 Emergency stop signal works by activating emergency brake and warming hazard light. The light starts blinking which warns the surrounding vehicles and reduces the risk of collisions and accident.

Suzuki Alto 660c is five doors Car with a hatchback. The car is available in 12 different colors including black, silver, white and red. As exterior is well shaped and beautifully designed with attractive colors. The interior of the car is also well organized. The car is spacious with the capacity of four passengers in it. The internal color scheme is attractive. Different facilities are provided for the driver. The manual climate Stereo system and antireflective glass are built in the vehicle. The USB port is also present with a stereo system.  For luggage placement, there is the capacity of about 130 liters with open seats. Capacity becomes about 370 liters if the seats are folded.

Suzuki Alto 660CC is Variable Value Timing which is 3.5 meters long. Alto 1.0 L VVT with the manual transmission, Alto 1.0 GL VVT & VVT, Alto 1.0 GLX with automatic/manual transmission, Alto 1.0 VVT Start & Stop. These are four versions of Suzuki Alto 660cc 2016. All the versions contain side impacts bars, sides and curtain airbags, dual airbags, GLX traction control and ESP.

Price of Suzuki Alto

It has been saying that this product is for low earning people therefore, everyone conscious to know the price of car. The price range of Suzuki Alto is around 8 Lac (according to the version of the car). The car is very best for the small middle-class family. As it gives the very economical mileage range and fuel consumption are under the budget. The car is good because of its safety systems present and gives the comfortable ride. It is the car to full fill the traveling needs of the limited income family with complete safety and comfort level.

Pictures of Suzuki Alto:

This is new of version of car invented by Suzuki, therefore, people are looking for pictures of newly car. Some people want to know about engine, capacity of car, dashboard and stearing through pictures. Don’t be worried, we have brought the original pictures of Suzuki Alto 2022 Price in Pakistan


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