Ufone Mini Super Card Offer 2022

Ufone Mini Super Card Offer. UFONE provides Ufone Mini Super Card Offer to its customers. The opportunity to enjoy the best network service by giving them several options to choose from. UFONE has different daily, weekly, and monthly packages providing you with unlimited SMS, free internet data, and free minutes to enjoy uninterrupted calls. These packages suit fit the user and that too, at the lowest service charges. UFONE MINI SUPER CARD is the perfect example of customer-orientated service. The details of this offer are as follows. Ufone Call Packages

How to subscribe?

To avail of this outstanding offer, you must dial *230#, or you can subscribe to UFONE Mini Super Card through ULoad. Once you get the confirmation messages from the company, you can utilize the resources for the next 15 days without worrying about the constraints of time and money while activating Ufone Mini Super Card Offer.

What are the charges?

If you want to spend the least amount of money and are looking for something that provides you with the best bundle, UFONE Mini Super Card is the best option one can have as it comes at the price of Rs. 330.

Package NameActivationDetailPrice
Ufone Mini SuperDial *230#500 On-net Minutes
75 Off-Net Minutes
3500 SMS
600 MBs

What are the incentives?

UFONE has got you covered once you subscribe to this package Ufone Mini Super Card Offer. It gives you 500 free Onnet Minutes to UFONE, Vfone, and PTCL Users along with 75 Offnet minutes on all networks. That’s not it; you also get to enjoy 3500 free SMS on all networks making it easier for you to chat with your friends and family. Last but not the least, it provides you with 600 MBs of free internet data to surf the internet with a validity of 15 days.

Ufone Mini Super Card offer

What are the Limitations?

  • This offer is only for prepaid customers.
  • The price is inclusive of all taxes and additional charges.
  • Calls made to voice buckets, shortcodes, UAN, and NTC numbers are not included in this offer.
  • Ufone Mini Super Card Offer
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA.

UFONE Mini Super Card is for the users who are looking for a bimonthly package and utilize unlimited resources. You don’t have to waste your time while looking for the perfect package, as any person with a PTA approved UFONE sim card can easily avail of this offer. So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest retailer and avail of this offer or easily subscribe to this offer by U-load cause as always UFONE has got you covered,

Over the past few years, new technologies have solved a lot of problems for humans. In the past, the only problem was the big gap between supply and demand. But as we progressed towards modernization, there were several options to choose from, and now the only problem we face is looking for the perfect product that fits our requirements. It doesn’t matter what you need from time to time; everything is available for us just a touch away. Every person while choosing a product looks for something that fits their requirements, that is available, and that comes with the lowest price tag. The same criteria apply when you look for a SIM Card that fulfills all these requirements. UFONE is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Pakistan that has been providing uninterrupted services over the past many years. UFONE has always been the best when it comes to choosing a reliable and trustworthy service provider. Moreover, offers introduced are matchless such as Ufone Mini Super Card Offer.

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