Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package 2022

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package. Telecommunication is the field of science that deals with the exchange of information, ideas, resources, and data over distance via many different technologies. The telecommunication sector is the one that makes communication possible on a global scale, whether it is through phone or radio. Effective communication is essential in every aspect of life. It helps a man to share a bond with someone. It helps us to perform the main functions of management. It serves as a foundation for planning. Communication plays an essential role in bringing people together.

Every human being has different needs and desires regarding social engagement. Some like to be more socially active, and on the other hand, some tend to spend their time being isolated. But one can do not deny the fact that staying connected with the people around you have a positive effect on one’s health and staying isolated might result in different types of anxiety issues when you’re alone. To make the process of communication easy for its customers, UFONE has been working tirelessly and trying its best to provide the best broad range of service. Over the past year, UFONE has proven its mark in the telecommunication industry and continued to do so by helping the customers. UFONE has been offering many different daily, weekly, and monthly packages keeping in mind the user requirements. These packages help the user to surf the internet or talk to their friends endlessly for hours without worrying about the time limit and that too with the best price. MONTHLY PAKISTAN PACKAGE by UFONE is the best example of a customer-centered services provider. The details about Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package is as under:-

How can you avail of this offer?

To enjoy this amazing offer, you must dial *8888#. After it, you will have to wait for a few seconds for the confirmation message from the company. Once you receive the message, you can enjoy the services that come with the package. 

What are the incentives?

This package provides you with 4000 minutes to enjoy unlimited calls along with the 400 MB free internet allowing you to surf the web. It also allows you to make unlimited free calls to PTCL numbers. This package relieves the user from the worries of time and money for the next 30 days.

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer

What are the charges?

Unlike other companies, UFONE always fulfills the user requirement by providing all in one bundle without burdening its user with the massive amount being charged. You can enjoy uninterrupted calls and surf the internet by choosing this package for just Rs. 418, including all the taxes.

Monthly Pakistan 4000 On-net minutes,
Unlimited calls to PTCL
400 MB Internet
Dail *8880#Rs.418 Incl. Tax

What are the Limitations?

  • Call setup charges of Rs. 0.12 or Rs. 0.13 will apply as per the package plan.
  • Dial *707# to check remaining minutes and data volume, charged at 20 paise+tax
  • All calls on PTCL Prefix are Free of Charge.
  • Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package.
  • Offer can be subscribed to multiple times, upon which resubscription minutes will be added.

How to unsubscribe?

It wouldn’t be a wise decision to unsubscribe from this offer when you can have all you need under this amazing offer. But if you want to unsubscribe from this offer at any time of the month, you can do it by simply dialing *8880#. This offer is specially designed for the ease and suitability of all the UFONE customers. Once you subscribe to this offer, enjoy a carefree service for the whole month. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay and get this amazing package from your favorite network UFONE.

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